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Unveil the secret to holistic wellness with BariatricPal's Vegetarian Collagen Peptides. This revolutionary product is a beacon for those who desire the rejuvenating benefits of collagen yet remain committed to an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Vegetarian Collagen Peptides are a testament to the fact that you don't have to compromise your values for vitality. We've harnessed the power of nature and science to create a product that provides the benefits of collagen without the need for animal-derived ingredients.

Our product stands tall in an era where the call for ethically sourced ingredients is louder than ever. It caters to the rising wave of flexitarianism, a lifestyle choice that nearly half the population embraces. This product is the perfect ally for those who wish to reap the benefits of collagen without straying from their path of sustainability.

Our Vegetarian Collagen Peptides are more than just a supplement; they're a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future. By choosing our product, you're investing in your health and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Key Features:

  • NEM® Eggshell Membrane Collagen: A clinically studied, sustainably sourced ingredient from US-domestic eggshells, setting a new standard in ethical sourcing. This collagen source is a breakthrough in the industry, providing a vegetarian-friendly alternative to traditional collagen sources. It's a testament to our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability.

  • 10g Vegetarian Collagen Peptide, Prebiotic, and Probiotic Blend: A potent concoction that supplements your collagen intake and boosts your body's natural collagen production. Each serving delivers a powerful blend of collagen peptides, prebiotics, and probiotics, designed to work synergistically to enhance your health.

  • Bacillus coagulans: A clinically studied Soil Based Organism (SBO) probiotic strain that champions gut health. It's a robust probiotic that survives stomach acid to deliver beneficial bacteria to your gut.

  • Inulin: A soluble dietary fiber from chicory root that nourishes beneficial gut bacteria. Inulin is prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, helping them thrive and promoting a balanced gut microbiome.

  • Ethical and Sustainable: A product that aligns with the growing trend of ethically sourced wellness products. It's a choice that feels good and does good. We believe in creating products that not only benefit our customers but also have a positive impact on the environment.

  • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Vegetarian: Free from dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. It's a product you can trust. We are committed to providing high-quality, clean ingredients you can feel good about putting in your body.

  • Naturally Flavored: Offers a pleasant taste without artificial additives. It's a joy to take every day. This product is unflavored, making it a versatile addition to your diet. Add it to your favorite beverages or meals without altering the taste.

Product Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Support: This product is specifically designed to enhance hair, skin, joint, and gut health. Experience the glow of healthy skin, the strength of nourished hair, the comfort of supported joints, and the balance of a healthy gut. It's a comprehensive approach to wellness that addresses multiple aspects of your health.

  • Rapid Joint Support: NEM® collagen supports healthy joints, reducing pain, stiffness, and cartilage breakdown in as little as 4-11 days. It may also reduce exercise-induced joint pain in postmenopausal women starting new exercise routines. It's a fast-acting solution for joint discomfort.

  • Healthy Gut and Digestive Function: The blend of Bacillus coagulans and Inulin supports a healthy gut, digestive function, healthy bowel transit time, and healthy gut flora. It's a comprehensive approach to gut health, addressing multiple aspects of your digestive system.

  • Stimulates Natural Collagen Production: Unlike animal-derived collagen, this product promotes the body's natural collagen production. It's a natural approach to collagen supplementation that works with your body's processes.

  • Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: Inulin may improve insulin and glucose metabolism, helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range. It's a natural approach to blood sugar management.

  • Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend: Each serving delivers 10g of collagen fiber, supporting gut health and overall wellness. It's a comprehensive approach to gut health that addresses multiple aspects of your digestive system.

BariatricPal's Vegetarian Collagen Peptides is more than just a product; it's a commitment to your health and ethical values. Boost your wellness with these innovative, vegetarian-friendly collagen peptides today. Stand out from the crowd, feel the difference, and let your vitality. 

Vegetarian Collagen Peptides Supplement Facts

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