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Stressed, rushed and under constant pressure? Let's put an end to this bad habit of eating fast! Do you want to feel less bloated after meals? Do you want to teach your little one how to eat well or help them eat more slowly? Discover the most natural solution for a better chewing and therefore a better digestion
The cutlery pack contains a smart fork, matching knife, a smart spoon and a charger (equipped with batteries). The fork and spoon can be recharged on the charger. They don't take up much space, which makes them perfect for travelling.

    The Benefits of Eating Slowly:

    • Chewing: The more you chew, the less you eat.
    • Digestive Surgery: Speed before and after surgery
    • Metabolic syndrome: Eating fast is a risk factor
    • Acid Reflux: The faster you eat, the more reflux (risk of GERD).
    • Diabetes: Eating fast is very significantly involved in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
    • Weight: Fast eaters are gaining more weight compared to slow eaters.

    Eat more slowly 

    Learn how to eat healthier to digest better with our intelligent cutlery pack, and thus limit the risks of long-term weight gain, calm your stomach aches, minimize the consequences of irritable bowel syndrome.

    Simple and effective

    The smart fork and spoon allow you to eat more slowly with a light signal that helps you space out the time between bites so you can chew properly. They vibrate if you eat too fast!
    High quality material
    This smart cutlery pack is made of high quality stainless steel, non-toxic, robust, durable and easy to clean (machine washable)
    Ergonomic Handling

    This cutlery is ergonomically designed to be light, with large handles, angled, curved, they can allow people who lack hand strength to eat more easily and independently.
    Measurable health effects

    The fact of eating more slowly with our cutlery allows to pull less on the gastric sutures and restricts the weight regain, limits the risk of appearance of the metabolic syndrome, the gastric reflux and the diabetes, the slow mastication a primordial role for the quality of the process, the more we salivate the better we digest.

    Scientifically Proven:
    • Eating quickly contributes to weight gain, the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, the risk of metabolic syndrome.
    • With the Slow Control fork you will eat more slowly. Improved chewing. Demonstrated effect on weight loss.
    • Natural method, without side effects. Adopted by nutritionists. Made in France. Patented technology. Trademark Slow Control.
    • Awarded by the French Diabetology Association (2014). Many technical prizes (Cap tronic, CES, etc.)
    • 10 years experience - Over 100.000 satisfied customers

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