Nutiva Coconut Oil, Virgin, Organic

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  • Certified organic and non-GMO
  • Made from fresh coconuts
  • Unrefined and unfermented **
  • Unbleached, undeodorized, unhydrogenated

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is pure white just like fresh coconuts, tastes just like fresh coconuts, and has a fresh coconut fragrance. Coconut Oil is ideal as a high-heat cooking oil, a wonderful substitute for shortening in baking, and a "better-than-butter" replacement on bread and veggies.

Not all saturated fat is bad. Coconut oil is cholesterol-free and trans fat-free and rich in medium-chain "good fats". Nutiva's Virgin Organic Coconut Oil has a light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color. Coconut oil can also be used as a health and beauty product. Coconut Oil is great as a body lotion, face cleanser, make-up remover, hair softener, and laxative. Keep one jar in the kitchen and one jar in the bathroom.

** Fermentation involves heat, and calls for more than 10 hours between chopping the coconut and pressing the oil, adversely affecting flavor.

Recipes using Nutiva Coconut Oil


How virgin coconut oil is processed is the key to optimizing its taste, texture, color, and aroma. Within two hours of Nutiva's coconuts being chopped, the oil is cold-pressed at below 104 degree's. Contrast this to 99 percent of the coconut oil used today in cooking and body care: first the coconut is chopped and left to dry in the sun for days, then the meat is scooped out and sent thousands of miles to giant oil mills where the oxidizing coco meat is refined, bleached, and or deodorized�and, ironically this product is often labeled as "certified organic".

There is no comparison between Nutiva's raw, virgin Organic Coconut Oil, with its light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color, and industrialized coconut oil, with its bland taste, faint aroma, and off-white color. Please note any tiny brown spec or two at the bottom of Nutiva's Coconut Oil is indigenous to extra-virgin coconut oil and is from the coconut fiber. Since the 1960s, coconut oil has been mistakenly described as unhealthy. The media reported on studies finding that tropical coconut oils were laden with artery-clogging fats. What went unreported was the fact that the coconut oil used in the studies was hydrogenated�not the virgin oil used for centuries as a staple food. Coconut oil is about 50 percent lauric acid, a rare medium-chain fatty acid found in mother's milk that supports healthy metabolism and is now being studied for its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial health-protecting properties. Overall, coconut oil contains 92% saturated fats, and only 1% Omega-6 the fat Americans get way too much of.

Please Note: Nutiva's Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and melts at 76�F. No refrigeration required.

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